About Me

I’m JAKE! and I love designing and coding. I can usually be found nerding out over CSS3 animations and wearing a rocking Helvetica hoodie. When I’m not knee-deep in Photoshop layers, I’m busy leading my team in larger initiatives and quarterly goals through the use of terrible puns. Feel free to reach out for freelance projects or other consultative ideas.

Software Expertise

Expert Level

These software packages are the bread and butter of my creative process. I've conducted multiple training sessions on how to use them.


Photoshop is second nature to me. Layer comps? Non-destructive editing? Batch processing? You got it, dude.


My go-to program for icon design and occassional wireframing. The Pathfinder palette and bezier curves and are my homies.


Paragraph Styles and Master Pages galore. I can get files press ready in no time with InDesign. I'm also pretty mean with the Find/Replace tool.


Forget div overload, it's all about the <header>, <footer>, <nav>, and <section> tags for me now.


In early Wildfire days, we could only manipulate CSS in their campaign builder. Sass, CSS3 keyframe animations, and media queries are my jam.

Intermediate Level

Although I'm not yet conducting lectures on these programs and languages, I'm still use them in my projects. I'm not quite at expert level, but with a little Googling, I still produce professional results.

Javascript & jQuery

Traverse the DOM and write some 'For' loops! Javascript is my latest obsession and I love that it exercises my mathematical skill set.

After Effects

I haven't had many motion graphics projects land on my plate in the last couple years. As a result, I'm a little out of touch with the latest trends. At one point, I was writing my own scripts to make generative videos.

Premiere Pro

At home, I'm a PC guy, so I use Premiere Pro for video editing. I'm not fluent in all the in's and out's, but can still cut together a decent video.

Beginning Level

I'm more of a hobbyist of the software below. I know the basics and when to use them, but most likely using them to complement a project developed in other software.


Again, something I've been out of touch with for quite some time. The program is pretty vast, but I have a foundation in modeling, animating, and lighting.


Audio editing is a hobby of mine. I can't say I have the strongest foundation, but I'm in tune with the theories behind them.